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For your convenience, we offer a downloadable Laboratory Prescription Form for you to fill in and send to us.

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Our philosophy of excellent service is simple – we deliver because you’re counting on us!


Service so good you think you are our only account!

  • Free daily local pickup and delivery
  • Free outbound shipping service
  • Live, responsive telephone services
  • Expedited delivery available for some products



Price is certainly an important consideration in choosing a laboratory, but just as important is the quality of the product and service. A quality product can save you money by reducing the length of time needed to insert crowns. (Several doctors have told us our work averages 15 minutes to insert). I’ve worked in the dental laboratory industry for over 30 years and have been a CDT for more than 25 of those years. This experience translates into caring deeply about the work my team and I put out and the service we deliver.

If you’ve been using an out-of-town lab, maybe it’s time to consider the benefits of using our in-town services. Not only does our free pick-up and delivery service save you money, it also saves you time. If there’s a problem with a contact, for example, we can pick the crown up, fix it, and have it back to you within hours. One of the biggest benefits of our local service is the personal contact that we provide.

Sometimes you have a special case that you’d really like to show your technician. By looking at it together, we can come up with a solution. This is especially helpful with difficult implant cases, for example. If you’re already using a local lab, let us show you the difference between our service and theirs.

  • Consistent Quality
  • 10 point quality control process
  • Attention to detail
  • Precise fit
  • Spectacular aesthetics


Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We stand behind our work, THREE full years on all our materials and craftsmanship!